Since my earliest memories, I have always been deeply fond of painting and drawing. When I was a child, I was often painting with wax or pencils and, if I did not have any at that moment, I got to paint with anything at my hand: sand, tomato sauce, flower petals... Sometimes I drew on the most amazing and uncommon places, such as walls, floors or furniture at home. Imagination has no limits and I never got bored (fortunately for me and unfortunately for my poor parents!). However, they were patient and cheered me up to get on painting on the proper material.


At school, my teachers and mates were often surprised with my creative tasks and little by little I took up painting more seriously. About 13, I got into a private academy to take lessons about perspective and different techniques: charcoal, oil, pastel crayon, etc.


In the coming years I spent at my secondary school, I was given several awards. Some of them were given by the school but others were from "Delegación de Turismo y Deporte" in Granada and I got a special mention at Andalusian Region level.


Later, I got my degree in Fine Arts from Granada University. I had studied in Granada, Brussels and Madrid learning new techniques: engraving, encaustic, illustration, temper, watercolor, modelling... I specialized in Art restoration: ancient pictures, sculptures, carvings... At the end of my universitary studies I carried out my final project about the origin of the town of Ronda, the ruins of Roman Accinipo (virtual restoration). I entered the usage of 3D tools for this.


Recently I have had different exhibitions, being interviewed on papers, radio and TV. I have just finished a Master in 3D-Animation and I am learning Matte Painting. I really enjoy working with all the new tools that technology and creativity can offer to Art. At this time, I am developing some single applications for Android (as live wallpapers), working on illustrations for tales, stories and video games.


My next aim is to make a short animation film!