Awards and prizes:


Painting Prize from "Delegación de Turismo y Deporte de Granada" 1997


Accesit of Andalusia, painting contest about Alcohol and Drugs 1997 (Junta de Andalucía)


Jury Finalist in the category Adult of the Inspiraciencia literary contest, organized by the Spanish Scientific Research Council (CSIC) with the story "The auxiliary brain", June 2014.


Selected for the third phase of the World Watercolour Competition. Watercolour Competition 2014


Selected in the failure of the International Competition Illustration Edition II "Grupo Tintaviva". Madrid. Octubre 2014




Individual Painting Exhibition at Casa de Porras (Granada) July 2012


Individual Painting Exhibition in Sala Rey Chico (Granada) September 2012


Individual Painting Exhibition at Hotel Thief Water (Granada) March 2013


Collective Exhibition "Dar vida e cor ao sonho" (Coimbra) 2013 




“Feria Internacional de Andalucía” Miniatures show June 2014, 2015


'The Big Event' Dollhouses & miniatures show. Brabanthallen 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. 2017


Tom Bishop Productions International Show (Madrid) November 2014, 2015, 1016, 2017, 2018


Kesington Summer Festival (London) May 2016, 2017, 2018




TV: Canal Sur "Piel Cromática"  Exhibition Interview

      Mijas Costa, Carromato de Mijas Interview TV & Radio.

"Ladrón del agua" Individual Exhibition Granada 

Carromato de Mijas Profesor Max 

Carromato de Mijas Virgen de la Peña

"New miniatures for Mijas Museum" 

"Miniaturas Construcción & Coleccionismo" January 2017 nº222, 34,35,36

"Dollshouse World" Magazine February 2017 ISSUE 293, 24